Won Orange Prize and My Book's on Amazon!

I won a bit of a contest. Orange (the telephone/broadband company) was picking up selected tweets and using a professional voice-over artist to make blockbuster movie voiceovers with them. They picked mine!! Check it out!

So ... why will I be obsessing over sales of my first ever book, this summer? Well ... after trialling a non-Amazon e-book approach for a couple of months - with pretty good results, which was a surprise - I've uploaded Palaces & Calluses to Amazon.

What Was I Thinking?

In a moment of pumped-up insanity I shall no doubt live to regret, I also informed someone that I plan to become an Amazon bestseller. Oh dear. I know. I'm an absolute ARSE sometimes. Never mind. The challenge is out there now, so I need to find a way to make it happen. Of course, all assistance on that front (reviews and wotnot) would be massively appreciated.

Spurred on by my chum Dan's bestselling success (see the previous post) I seized the moment and uploaded Palaces & Calluses. Amazon informed me the book wouldn't be published for a day or two, so I made a cup of tea and planned my promotion strategy over the next couple of days. Half way through my tea, I dreamily typed my name into Amazon search and ... there was my book! While I'm chuffed that Amazon considered my book to be well enough edited and formatted to publish immediately, I wasn't even slightly prepared. Panic stations!!

After a bit of flapping about and munching of chocolate, I checked back. Lo and behold, there were reviews! Lots of them. I flipping well LOVE word nerds. You are the best chums a writer could wish for and I'm hugely grateful for your support. You saved my butt.

Help My Little Book to Make Friends

If you like the idea of saving my butt further - and helping my book climb that old Amazon chart - you can point your chums to the URL of your choice. UK - http://amzn.to/rebeccaw US - http://amzn.to/palaces-and-calluses

Price-wise, my book will set your chums back the price of about three quarters of a latte - depending on where they procure their caffeinated treats, and depending upon currency shifts and taxes. Worst case scenario? Latte plus biscuit. US price is $2.99  (though, this will look different if you view from another country) and the UK price is sitting around the £2.00 mark at the mo. Take a look at the reviews. There are different reviews on the different sites. If you enjoyed the book, and want to leave a review too, you're my new best friend. Please share this post. I have no marketing budget, so whether this book makes it onto a bestseller list or not is entirely in your hands, my friends. THANK YOU!!!

P.S. Non-Kindle e-book formats are available from PalacesandCalluses.com


Wynter Daniels said...


Bev Morley said...

Congratulations Rebecca!

Loved the Tweet - and I know the feeling as far as visitors etc go... I don't know how to get more followers/subscribers etc (any tips would be most welcome!)

Will make a point of buying your book and doing a review on my blog!

Bev (mojocomms on twitter)

Adrian said...

Hi' Rebecca: Do you know what is one of the ways (I'm sure over time exposure also helps)to get into the Amazon AND NY Times Best sellers list? I learned this 'secret' from one of the biggest internet marketeers: Robert Allen. It consists in getting literally thousands of people (I can't remember the exact number, but is much higher for NY Times list than for Amazon) to buy the book at the same time and day. In his case (he's been in both best selling lists MANY times over with many of his boooks) he used to prepare a HUGE marketing campaign wiith his ENTIRE list (literally thousands) and create campaigns specially designed and planned for this speciific time where the book is launch with different promotions and free stuff, etc. All efforts directed toward getting you to buy his book for example Monday at 8:00 AM!
But like I said at the beginning, I'm sure overtime exposure, although much slower also achieves the same result. Regards! Adrian

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca!
I bought your book yesterday after reading from you in the German Amazon discussion "Kindle eBooks available for EUR 0,99 or less".
It was fun to read, I really enjoyed it.
Don't let us wait too long for the second book.
I keep my fingers crossed for you that you will become an Amazon bestseller. :-)


Rebecca said...

Nicole, that's fabulous! Please tell your European friends. I don't think there is anywhere near enough support for my e-book loving chums in 'mainland Europe' and I think it would be really cool to reach readers there. Close enough and warm enough to make a book tour appealing. :)

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