Facebook: Friend Or Foe?

Hi Chaps!

I'm putting the finishing touches to my column for Writing Magazine for next month. I thought I'd make this one more about 'how to' rather than case studies, but it looks a bit forlorn without quotes, so - if you're very quick - here's your chance to get into print. THIS GOES IN TODAY - MONDAY. If you find this post later, you're too late. I'm particularly interested to find out:

  • How do you use Facebook, in an author capacity?
  • Do you split your friends and family Facebook from your writerly experience, or mush the lot together?
  • What does Facebook do brilliantly, that you can't find on another network?
  • Have you noticed an increase in sales since using Facebook?
  • What strategies work best for you?
  • Which author makes the best use of Facebook? (Give their Facebook URL)
  • What annoys the heck out of you about Facebook?
Spread the word, and get this post buzzing. I'm linking back here from the article anyhow, so you'll be seen whether you make it into print this time or not.

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