Tweet Yourself a Novel!

On Facebook, earlier today, I was having a conversation about the idea that there is 'a book in everyone'. I wondered if that resonated with people. One of the replies was that it did, but that the person didn't have time to write. How often have we all heard (and even said, or at least thought) that? Isn't that the favourite hiding place of the writer? I shared what follows, and it seemed to help some people. I worked it out about a year ago, and it helped a number of people then. Ready for a lightbulb moment?

A novel is a minimum of 50,000 words (non-fiction can be way less). Sounds huge and scary, but... 
  • A tweet is 140 characters. 
  • The average word is 5 characters long (plus a space) so you can fit around 23 words into a tweet. 
  • 2173 tweets = a novel. 
  • That's 5 tweets a day. 
  • If you could find time to write 5 tweets a day - or a couple of Facebook updates - you already have time to write a novel. 
  • In fact, if you've been on social networks for a year or more, you've ALREADY WRITTEN A NOVEL in terms of word count. 
How do you feel about starting that novel now?

Happy Writing!


P.S. I've started a group for aspiring writers here. You're welcome to join.