Are you Mental for Moleskines?

After the great response to my last post, in which I wondered whether you secretly have 'pens envy', the logical next step was to ask if your were mental for moleskines (or should that be 'Parchment-al for Moleskines'?)

For the uninitiated, a Moleskine is not made from the skin of a mole. It is, simply, a delicious notebook with a splendid history.

Of course, there are many other beautiful notebooks. I'm curious to know which one you use, or lust after.
  • Have you ever had a really special notebook, or known someone who did? What was it like, and why did you love it?
  • Is there a notebook after which you yearn? Describe it.
  • Are you quite happy with a scrap of old paper, or do you think that a special notebook helps you to write?
Your comment may even end up published on Groupon's blog!

Furnish my blog with your wisdom,

Best wishes,