Share Your Dream Friday Video

Yep. Made another video. This time, for the first time, in glorious technicolour as part of the great Edward Elliott's  Dream Project. Rather excitingly, it's only been up a few days and it's already got nearly as many views as the first part of Jilly Cooper's interview on her publisher's channel for the launch of her new book, (and more views than the second part). Jeepers! She's the queen of Cotswold authors. I feel honoured. Anyhow ... here's the vid. Hope you like it.

UPDATE: I don't really understand Amazon yet, but I'm guessing this isn't a bad sign (list of recently popular books in US under 'humor' and 'romance') ...

If you feel inclined to buy my book, Amazon stocks the Kindle version here
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Jennie said...

Thanks for sharing your dream with everyone Rebecca. I am loving your book Palaces & Calluses. It has so many really laugh out loud moments in it. Thanks for writing it. God bless you for coming out of a coma and recovering your life.
What you accomplished has no equal in tenacity and will power.

Edward said...

Hey Rebecca,

What a great blessing you are for people to know that no matter what happens in your life, you can achieve and live your dreams. They may shift, twist, and even get side tracked sometimes, but with determination and persistence it can come to be. Thanks for being you and living big in the world.

Keep your dreams alive!
God Bless,
The GREAT Edward!

Rebecca said...

Thank you both so much for your support. :)

Conor Neill said...

Great video. Feels like I got to know you for 6 minutes ;-) Keep writing.

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