Book Launch Week!

It is here! You thought I'd forgotten, didn't you? Come on ... be honest. Ha! I didn't forget. Just thought I'd leave it late today, to see if you were paying attention. You were. Well done! Here is your prize.

To celebrate the week in which my book will be launched (at some point between now and the 6th, inclusive) I'm giving away a writerly pressie. Behold ...

When I wrote my post about pens, I noticed that the name 'Parker' came up often. I also noticed that gel pens were much spoken about. People got quite excited about the idea of pens. I even received emails on the subject. It only seemed right that I should combine the elements of 'Parker' and 'gel' and buy you a Parker Gel pen to thank you for your support, so I did.

How can you win it?
  1. Follow this blog - visibly - by clicking the follow button and/or subscribe by putting your details in the box to the right, or at the top. 
  2. Leave a comment below this post saying whether you followed, subscribed, or both. 
  3. One of the characters in Palaces & Calluses is a dog. He's a Border Collie called Pebble, but everyone calls him 'Rock'. In your comment, tell me something about a dog you've known. It can be something funny, lovely, or annoying. I'll pick a short-list of five, throw the names in a hat, and whichever name I draw... gets the pen!

The more comments there are, the more likely I am to give away even more prizes, so tell your chums, and ... good luck!