How Do You Label Yourself?

Here's a new article I wrote for literary e-zine, Words with JAM on the subject of labels and writers. Check it out, here.


Charlie said...

Genius, of course. :)

Nicole Rushin said...

Great article, Rebecca. I unfortunately never got my book reader working to read your book but met a great guy at the Verizon store who got me set up with Kindle on my phone. I will have to try again at some point.

You are so right about the title of Author because it terrifies me to say that when my book is not near completion. Although, I do have an e-book of poetry on smash words.

Back in October one of my good friends asked me if it was so important to brand yourself and label yourself correctly why was I not calling myself a writer? It was scary but I did it and things have change for me since.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Thanks, Charlie. :)

Nicole, if you have any problems with that, come back to me and I'll find a way to sort it out for you.

It's strange - the power of that word - isn't it? I'd, technically, been an author for a while before I could bring myself to use the word. In fact, I'd been published in two anthologies and a non-fiction book. I'd also been approached as an expert in my field by a publisher and asked to write a foreword for another author's book (huge honour) and I still wasn't calling myself an author! Kept coming up with excuses. Finally, I decided that the moment a novel was out there, I would be an author.

I'm happy that wearing that label has changed things for you. It did the same for me. For what it's worth (and apologies if I hit the ground punning here) you have 'writer' written all over you, woman!

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