Flower Power ~ A Poem

Flower Power

If I am not your cup of tea,
What makes you think that bothers me?

A jasmine flower would not aspire
To be a snowdrop or a briar.

Yet every flower finds its bee.
It doesn't have to try, you see.

Its perfect self is all it is.
My message to you, dear, is this:

I will not change to match your mood
And so, not wishing to be rude,

Please fly away and find your flower:
Shading mine won't dim its power.

~ Rebecca Woodhead


Rebecca Woodhead said...

Just checking out the comment form. People have had problems leaving comments. If this works, you can leave a comment. If it doesn't ... you'll never know! *Spooky music*.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the comment form works :) And I enjoyed the poem very much. Thank you!

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