Royals, Romans, Class, Celts, and Linguistic Tennis

Here's an audio interview I did for The New Author blog, in which I talk about the background to Palaces and Calluses, and explore the reasons why The Cotswolds area is a magnet for writers, why the class structure is tricky to shift in the area, and what The Celts and Romans have to do with it all.

For the blog post that accompanies this, and a discount code for Palaces & Calluses, go to The New Author.


Extremely Average said...

You have a hypnotically beautiful voice. Your answers were wonderful.

I did find the frequent 'ums' rather distracting. I hate to leave anything negative in comments, but it is a relatively easy process to edit out the 'ums' in post production. I think it would improve the quality of the audio to match your spectacular voice. I am not kidding, your speaking is really remarkable, with a bit of a polish, I could imagine you as a world class speaker.

I admit to being a bit of a speaking zealot, as I have done competitive public speaking, and we get penalized for 'ums', 'you knows', ect. Chances are 97% of the people listening to this, wouldn't notice them at all. So perhaps my suggestion isn't worth the effort.

I love the idea of interviewing Stephen Fry. One of my favorites was his appearance on 'Top Gear'.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I had elocution lessons as a child, competed at the literary festival in Cheltenham and have done quite a bit of public speaking, so I'm fairly confident in that area.

Um-wise, it's a doddle to remove them. I would have done had it been a training audio. It's not. It's a chat with an old blog friend, so I thought it was more authentic to leave it in. If it had been uber-polished, I think it would have lost something, but I appreciate your feedback. Thank you. :)

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