LinkedIn for Writers ~ The Secrets

In Writing Magazine, this month, I've written about LinkedIn (pages 70 and 71). If you've read it, what new things did you learn? If you haven't got it yet, be quick. They have been selling out consistently this year. My social media series has been really popular. In fact, it has been SO popular that I'm putting together some training right now for later this year, based on these articles.

You may also have noticed that my Word Nerd Monday post for Groupon is about desks and chairs, this week.  I'm doing a mini-series on setting up your writing space, so skip over there when you've finished here and pick up some handy tips.

Meanwhile ... Palaces & Calluses is getting some GREAT reviews. Check out this one from Libri Populus, where my novel is a recommended read!

Thank you SO much if you've bought my book, particularly if you've gone on to recommend it to others. You are an absolute star!!! Don't forget that the book has it's own little site that you can point people to ... - check it out and let me know what you think.

I LOVE comments *hint*.


Paul Carroll said...

To be honest, I had no idea what LinkedIn was before I read your article. I had landed on it a few times after Googling people (I love how that's now a verb!) but I didn't really know that much about the page. For a start, I didn't realise people actually set up those pages themselves! What a fool I was!

I also learned that, for the time being, I am not suitable for LinkedIn. I'm still working on a level of professionalism online, and I'm not entirely sure I want to put personal details up for grabs to people. I may be slightly paranoid about it, I know.

Loved your article, anyway. I wish I'd been able to get the Blogger issue of Writing Magazine. I was out of commission when it came out because of college work. Didn't even know it existed until late January, when the shops were all sold out!

Can't wait to get Palaces and Calluses this summer to read.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Aha! See, what I've done there is fill your brain will a tiny bit more information. Hope I didn't push any of the good stuff out. :)

On the back issue front, I may have a solution to the problem of everyone clamouring for non-existent back issues in this social media series. More details coming soon. Watch this space.

Look forward to hearing what you think of Palaces and Calluses.

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