I Am Now a Novelist!!!

I'm sure I've said everything that needs to be said, except one thing ... enjoy the book!


Gina Dickerson said...

Congratulations, Rebecca! You must feel so elated! Off to purchase my copy right now!

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Happy day. Enjoy the book. :)

Leslie said...


Best with the sales


penelope said...

Congratulations - is the book only available as an e-book?

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Thank you, Leslie.

Penelope, I want to give the e-books a chance to stretch their legs before I bring in a print version. If I sell enough e-books, there WILL be a print version. If not, there may not.

Jeanne said...

Rebecca, beautiful book design wise:) What I've read is very interesting. Congratulations.

Are you planning on creating an iPad, Kindle, etc. friendly version of your book? I love to write too and design. Just don't know what direction to go in.

I did the Lulu thing with a pdf version of a book I wrote about my Rescue Pug. It was a beautiful book (they printed it well) but highly expensive.

Back to your book... I will eventually buy it. Right now my funds are going toward actually buying an iPad.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Jeanne. Thank you for your kind comments. My husband painted the picture, and we both designed the layout. It is already available in iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader and PDF. Click on any of the banners or links to the sales page - including the ones at the very top - and you'll be able to get it for only £2.99 until 20th April when it goes up to £4.99.

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