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Groupon asked me to write a Word Nerd Monday series for writers. What fun!

The first one went out last week. It was about Writing Retreats for Word Nerds. Today, the next in the series went up: Watering Holes for Word Nerds.

Where do you write? If your passion is reading, rather than writing, is there a special place that you read? Would you consider taking a reading holiday? The more I think about it, the more I think it might be quite delicious to disappear from the world with nothing but a suitcase full of books. What do you think?  Let me know in the comments section. Please share my new blog with your friends too.

Very best wishes,


Elpi said...

Hi Rebecca.
I am lucky enough to have access to a lovely cottage in Wales that I visit often. Half way up moel Siabod, near the cottage, there is a crystal clear lake.

I love to walk up there in the morning, with a sandwich and a flask of coffee and lose myself in my thoughts. It could be the solitude, the fresh air or the tranquility that comes as standard with water, but It takes only a few minutes for the everyday worries and stress to be banished. Result? The ideas come tumbling through on to my page. I have been known to nearly fill a small moleskin in a day....

As for everyday writing? Can't beat a coffee shop with big comfy sofas and my own house. Candles, incense and my mac...

Your word nerd monday posts have been great so far. Keep going and thanks for all your effort.

Rebecca Woodhead said...


Thank you. What a lovely comment!

I must admit that, if at home, I cannot write fiction without a candle burning. I measure out my books in Yankee Candles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

I read and write just about anywhere. I have a rocking chair in our living room that is where much of my reading takes place and some of my writing takes place at our kitchen table as well as at my office desk.

Now having an iPad has allowed me to do more reading as I have about 8 books on it that I jump back and forth between!


Jim Kane

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Suffering from iPad jealousy now!

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